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"The Switch" Movie

I was lucky enough to go and see the preview of the movie today. Since it will be out in cinemas in UK only on September, 1st. Here is the review of the movie for you guys:

Cassie (Jennifer Aniston) is a 40 years old single woman, whose desire to conceive a child becomes so unbearable that she decides to place an ad looking for a sperm donor. The action is set in a professional part of New York.
On the other side there is Wally Mars (Jason Bateman), who is the best friend of Cassie. And he is totaly against artificial insemination, but he does propose to use his sperm, which Cassie rejects on the spot, saying, he is clumsy, not smart enough, she doesnt like it and so on... So, after him being to honest and slightly pushy about the whole idea which Wally doesnt like, Cassie tells him they need to have a time off in their best friends relationship.
So, Cassie's best friend Debbie (Juliette Lewis) is throwing a donor party, where Wally gets invited as well, along with the sperm donor Roland (Patrick Wilson) and his wife, who is in Roland's words is a life in his life, wind beneath his wings and the air he breaths with. :)
So, Wally being his usual clumsy self, gets a pill from Debbie, as she said, to feel more relaxed and he mixing it with alcohol becomes very drunk and even drops the food on himself, not mentioning he can hardly contain himself and walk. He introduces himself to Roland, the donor guy, as a best, the very best friend of Cassie. Obviously, Wally is very annoyed and jealous of the whole thing happening, because he likes Cassie and doesnt want to be just friends with her, whereas she sees him only as a friend. They dated before, but it didnt work out. All throughout the movie Wally is advising with his best male friend Leonard (Jeff Goldblum). I have to say, an amazing actor. He rarely plays in latest movies, but I like him and the way he plays and holds himself. His sense of humor is not possible to escape :)
While Wally is starting to feel worse and worse, he goes to the toilet, where he finds on the small offering plate on the shelf the "offering" of Roland, surrounded by the burning candles. So, Wally starts playing around, till accidentally he managed to pour the sperm out in the sink...  After thinking for long enough, he finds a magazine in the stack of toilet reads with an "average" looking  TV news reader and "does the job" :)  and doesnt remember a single thing happening to him right after he entered the party house.
He is feeling pretty rough next day, and Leonard also tells him how Wally arrived to his house at 3am in the morning, talking a bunch of hardly understandable crap.
Couple of weeks later, Cassie tells Wally she is pregnant (which kills him completely) and she leaves New Yourk for good, telling its not a good place to raise the kid.
Seasons pass, and years, and Wally keeps waiting and going with slow pace through his life, having enormous amount of blind dates, 2 unhappy relationships and a dog :)
Now, the story starts to take its speed - seven(!) years later, one nice autumn evening Wally gets a call from Cassie, saying she has returned to New York to live, she got an amazing job and would be nice to meet up and Wally could also meet Sebastian (Thomas Robinson/Bryce Robinson later in the movie), her son. That he is a little bit strange in her words and his favourite thing to have as a gift would be a photo frame, but without the photo... :)
When Wally meets Sebastian - you cant help yourself, but wonder, how amazingly similar looking son and dad are. Here thumbs up for an excellent job of casting on picking both actors with such similar looks.  Boy starts liking Wally immediately, even though in his strange way, cos he is exactly like his dad - thinking too much and is incredibly theoretically smart and has no interest in things little kids would normally have. On the gifted frame he comments: "Good frame, silver new edition! But where is the photo inside?"
"Which photo?"- Wally says
"The one they are sold with inside initially... :( this frame has been used.." - says his son.
On the same evening Cassie asks Wally to spend a weekend with the kid, since she needs to go to the parent meetings and also - she is meeting with Roland (her child sperm donor), to see how he is doing and also, thats the reason she didnt want to have an anonymous donor - so he could answer some questions which kid would start asking. Meantime we, viewers, find out that Roland is no longer married, since his wife has cheated on him..  Wally finds this out as well, and gets jealous.
Cassie meets with Roland and they hit it off from the first time and start seeing each other. Roland is also moving very fast in their relationship.

After spending a day with kid, Wally cant help, but wonder how similar they are and even lady on the bus commented on it. He spends an evening at Cassie's flat, and Cassie seems to have a certain feelings appearing for Wally.  So, he starts thinking about all this, goes to see his friend Leonard and finds out that kid is his (with Leonard's help he remembers that night 7 years ago and how he did the switch.)
He runs to Cassie immediately in his attempt to explain the situation to her and.. fails. Although, Cassie misunderstands him trying to tell her about how he hijacked her pregnancy, but she says that she thought they had an energy between them.. :) She gets angry when Wally says thats not what he meant to say.. and they hardly speak again. Then there is Sebastian's 6th birthday party, where Roland behaves like dad already and fails to establish a contact with kid (he is being too pushy and cant find a common language with a child). But he does notice how Sebastian is drown towards Wally and two man later on are having a drink together.
So it goes, Cassie is going out with Roland, Wally doing his job and gets on with his life, sometimes helping with kid. Like this one particular time when he was asked by Cassie while she was with Roland to pick Sebastian up, bring him home and spend an evening with him, also eliminating the lice from his head. With all the consequences of disinfecting the flat and the lice treatment.  So, (here goes the sensitive moment of the movie, you might even get tears), of the in bed conversation of father and son we finally find out what was so fascinating for the kid in those picture frames with the initial photos in them (the ones which some inserted from the shop). On those photos are normally some models representing a happy family or some happy time spending and Sebastian is dreaming about to have a dad, to have a happy full family and a granddad, so he invents stories for himself by looking at those photos. He keeps them by his bed, by the way.
In the morning Cassie arrives from the airport, to find both happily cooking breakfast, and also, she says herself and Roland are moving in together. Wally is trying to explain to her its not a right thing to do, that she is not happy, but she doesnt want to listen. Although, she does tell him, she will move in with Roland unless Wally has anything else to offer/tell her. Wally doesnt say a thing and leaves.
A while later Sebastian arrives to Wally's apartment, to tell him he got beaten in school just because he tried to do like Wally taught him to stand up for himself and act crazy. Wally decides to call a cab for a kid, but Sebastian demands Wally to bring him home. Also, he says he thought Wally would be proud of him. Awww, how sweet! :)
They arrive to the house party, where Roland shows a ring to Wally and he is going to propose Cassie in front of all his family. Wally, unable to get Cassie to speak in private about what happened, has to interrupt Roland's proposal and to tell in front of everyone how he hijacked Cassie's pregnancy and that he loves her, which he couldnt tell before... She listens, then slaps him wholeheartedly and tells him never to talk to them again.
Wally, visits his friend Leonard again, to tell how heartbroken he is and gets on with his daily life/job, until one day Cassie is waiting for him outside his office, to tell how Sebastian misses Wally badly and how she couldnt take it any more further with Roland, because...he is not like Wally. So, Wally asks whether she will marry him and she says: "I suppose I will have to.." :) They are kissing each other and then they are showing how the next birthday of Sebastian is celebrated in the family and friends circle, including Debbie, helping with cooking and Leonard, playing the piano. 
The final scene is showing us Sebastian's photo frames, filled with their family real pictures now... :)
A very happy ending movie, even though its not like sweet, sweet, sugary type of a girly movie. Its just about right to watch it with the guy or family, without being too embarrassed and to have a good time and a laugh.
My expectations before I went to cinema were: 5 out of 10. After I saw it I would give it: 8 out of 10. :)

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy the movie!! :)
Jason Bateman (Wally Mars) commented on this movie:
"For me I kind of liked the message that, I don't know that people will pick up on, but it's certainly what I liked, which is that a best friend is not necessarily a bad candidate for a long term relationship. It's worked for me in my life, with my wife, so, that's kind of what this movie is saying."

Screenplay is by Allan Loeb (Things We lost in the Fire, 21, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Here you can watch the movie trailer: "The Switch"

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